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Lucas Computing has a wealth of experience working with data networks of all sizes, from the enterprise to the small office.

We install all types of data cabling, taking care of the wire, terminations, panels, and will certify the entire infrastructure when done.

We'll chose high quality commercial grade switches and routers to ensure network up time.

We can implement the latest wireless networking technologies in your business eliminating the need for hardwire runs. Connect the entire campus of buildings eliminating the need for expensive hard wire runs.

We will discuss your server needs and provide you with each solutions benefits and faults. If no server is needed we will setup a peer to peer network between your laptops and workstations.

Once the hardware is in place we willconfigure your domain or workgroup, the user accounts, and then show you how to easily administer your new network.

We will train you on proper data recovery methods and backups, how to install and maintain virus updates, create a firewall, and set security settings.

If your current network is outmoded, slow, or constantly suffering outages we can accurately assess what the problem is and provide you with the best solution at the most reasonable cost.

Lucas Computing works with the names you trust:  We Make Technology Simple sp  We Make Technology Simple  We Make Technology Simplesp  We Make Technology Simple

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